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Removed:drepcated authentication APIs in Users plugin

Posted on:December 4, 2023 at 08:55 AM

In the v0.10 version released in June, the user authentication functionality in the User plugin(@nocobase/plugin-users) has been replaced by the Auth plugin(@nocobase/plugin-auth). The authentication-related APIs, like sign in and sign up, provided by the User plugin have been depreacted. For more details, refer to NocoBase 0.10: New features in the second quarter#signin/signup api changes.

/api/users:signin -> /api/auth:signIn
/api/users:signup -> /api/auth:signUp
/api/users:signout -> /api/auth:signOut
/api/users:check -> /api/auth:check

The authentication-related APIs in the user plugin have now been removed, as detaild in PR-3122.